What is HYPOXI®?

HYPOXI® is a weight loss solution for both men and women at all ages and fitness levels. By combining low impact exercise with advanced vacuum technology and healthy nutrition, HYPOXI® supercharges your body’s natural fat burning system and helps your body work smarter, not harder.

Invented by Austrian sports scientist Dr Norbert Egger, HYPOXI®’s vacuum technology has been proven by independent studies that it is up to 3x more effective at targeted fat burning than regular exercise. HYPOXI® is the first and only patented device to incorporate vacuum technology with exercise to achieve real targeted fat burning – making it a clear industry leader since 1997.

How does HYPOXI® work?

With his extensive experience in rehabilitation and health training, Dr Egger knew that fat is burned primarily in the regions where the tissue is best supplied with blood. Above all, fat is burned by movement. HYPOXI® is a revolutionary training device that incorporates this science.

HYPOXI® involves a 30-minute, low impact exercise inside a vacuum chamber, targeting the stubborn areas of the lower body parts. While you are cycling inside the machine, negative and positive pressure is applied alternatively throughout the training session. This pressure therapy stimulates blood circulation and mobilizes stored fat in your lower body, thus allowing for effective fat burning from your 30-min low impact exercise.

For optimal results, we recommend 3 HYPOXI® training sessions per week. Training and nutritional guidelines are provided to help you achieve your goal faster. Average results for our clients is a reduction of up to 3kgs and 30cm from the lower body in four weeks.

HYPOXI® devices available at InnoShape:



Targets stubborn fat and cellulite around:
– Hips
– Bottom
– Thighs
– Lower Back
– Lower Stomach



Targets stubborn fat and cellulite around:
– Hips
– Bottom
– Thighs
– Lower Back
– Lower Stomach

The benefits of using HYPOXI®:

Targets stubborn fat around: Waist, Stomach, Hips, Bottom, Thighs and Lower Back.

Low impact exercise suitable for all fitness level

3x faster in targeted fat-burning than conventional exercise

Activates blood circulation

Non-invasive, painless and safe

Quick 30-min session

Targets stubborn cellulite

Individualised program set up

Improves skin tone


Testimonials and Results

Highly recommend HYPOXI to kick start your weight loss especially if the gym is not for you.
Wendy J
I have been struggling to lose weight for as long as I can remember. HYPOXI is the only program that will give me results every time I do it.
Laura S
I highly recommend anyone thinking of signing up to Hypoxi to do it. I first signed up to Hypoxi in August, in the lead up to my wedding in March. My goal was to shift weight from my lower area - as this was my biggest problem area. Even though I ate healthy and went to the gym - nothing was changing in that stubborn area. Until Hypoxi. I did my end of year measurements after just over 30 sessions and lost 40.2 cms in total. And picked up my wedding dress on the weekend which now has to be altered a size down! Elise and her team are so friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of joining.
Stephanie S


Q1: How long does a HYPOXI® session take?

HYPOXI® is perfect for the time poor because each session only takes 30 minutes to achieve optimal fat-burning results, plus 5 minutes going in and out of the machine.

Q2: How many sessions do I have to do?

We recommend a minimum of 12 sessions, coming 3 sessions per week over 4 weeks, as an initial program. Many clients choose to continue for another 8-12 weeks, depending on their weight loss goals. After their goal is achieved, they may move to a long term maintenance plan that is 1-2 HYPOXI® sessions per week.

Q3: How long before I will see results?

You will have your measurements taken regularly by your consultant. By following our training and nutrition guidelines, majority of customers will start to see the results in 6 sessions, i.e. 2 weeks.

If after your 6th session you have not seen any results – be persistent. Every individual body is different. It is important to review your nutrition and ensure you are following the training guidelines as outlined by your consultant. Are you getting enough sleep? Drinking 2 litres of water? All of these factors can affect your results.

Q4: Is HYPOXI® painful?

No, it is completely non-invasive and pain-free. HYPOXI® is a low impact training method and the horizontal position in the L250 machine takes pressure off the joints.

Q5: Can I use HYPOXI® if I am not very fit?

HYPOXI® Training is designed for men and women of all fitness levels and ages. It does not require any particular degree of physical fitness and is perfect for someone who is thinking about getting back into exercise for the first time in years. You will be required to complete a client information form at the consultation, as there are certain illnesses & conditions which preclude people from undertaking treatments. If in doubt, we recommend you speak to a medical professional – your safety is paramount to us.

Q6: Can I still do other forms of exercise?

Absolutely! Doing HYPOXI® Training does not mean you need to stop your other exercise. We encourage you to live an active lifestyle. However, to achieve maximum results whilst undergoing HYPOXI®, you should not participate in any exercise on your HYPOXI® days.

Q7: Will I loose weight in other areas of the body?

What makes HYPOXI® so unique is that it is targeted weight and fat loss around the lower body parts, i.e. the hips, bottom, thighs and stomach. Because you are doing light exercise and following a healthy nutrition, you will no doubt see incidental fat loss in other areas such as the chest and arms. However, the largest cm loss will be in the targeted lower body areas.

For upper body parts and to accelerate the results, please ask us for other treatments available at InnoShape.

Q8: What if I am pregnant?

Pregnant women should not perform HYPOXI® training. If you do fall pregnant whilst undergoing HYPOXI®, you can suspend your treatment package until you are ready post birth to continue your training.

Q9: What if I am post-birth?

HYPOXI® is perfect for new Mums as it is low impact exercise and gentle on your body after birth. We recommend starting HYPOXI® sessions after 12 weeks post birth. Please consult your healthcare/medical professional before engaging in any exercise post birth.

Q10: What if I am breastfeeding?

It is safe to undertake HYPOXI® Training in L250/S120 whilst breastfeeding. Only your lower body parts go into the bike chamber.

Q11: What if I have breast implants?

It is safe to undertake HYPOXI® Training with breast implants. HYPOXI® treatment only targets your lower body parts.

Q12: What if I have a health condition that does not allow me to exercise?

If you have a health conditions that does not permit you to exercise, you will be asked to provide a medical certification before undergoing any HYPOXI® Training.

Q13: What should I wear to HYPOXI training sessions?

L250/S120 Training should be undertaken in loose fitting gym pants, a t-shirt and joggers. Bring a gym towel with you also.

Q14: What are the dietary requirements for HYPOXI® program?

Best results come with a healthy balanced diet with active lifestyle. To boost the results while you are undertaking HYPOXI® program, we recommend you to:

  • eat a light meal an hour before your HYPOXI® session,
  • not to eat for 2 hours and avoid carbohydrates for another 2-4 hours (eat only protein and greens) after your HYPOXI® session
  • drink 2-3 litres of water each day.


HYPOXI® is a safe, non-invasive and low impact training program suitable for use by most people. If you have the following conditions, you should not use HYPOXI® or should obtain your doctor’s consent to commence the program:

  • Pregnancy or within 12 weeks of child birth
  • Cancer or within two years of remission
  • Heart problems
  • Suffering pain from exercising
  • Extreme high or low blood pressure
  • Pathological or inflamed varicose veins
  • Suffering from inflammation or infections
  • Any other health conditions

All clients are required to fill in a health questionnaire before commencing the HYPOXI® treatment.

Pricing for HYPOXI® Sessions:

  • Single Session
  • $69

  • 12 Sessions
  • $690

  • $58 per session
  • 30 Sessions
  • $1,350

  • $45 per session
  • 60 Sessions
  • $2,400

  • $40 per session
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